The Crowded Solitaire - Francois Leguat Reserve (Rodrigues Island)

Lunch: 3-Course Local Menu
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  • Purchase Includes:
    • The Crowded Solitaire Restaurant
    • Cuisine Type: Creole
    • Option 1: 3-Course Veg Lunch from 11:00-15:30
      • Starter: Vegetables Fritter
      • Main Option: Vegetables Curry served with rice, beans & chutney
      • Dessert Option: Ice Cream
    • Option 2: 3-Course Lunch from 11:00-15:30 (Full Menu Detailed in Highlights)
      • Starter: Fish Fritters
      • Main Option: Fricassee Chicken, Octopus Curry, etc..
      • Dessert Option: Banana Pie or Papaya Pie + Ice Cream
    • Drinks Not Included and payable directly at the restaurant
  • Lunch Time: 11:00 - 15:30
  • Location: Francois Leguat Reserve, Anse Quitor, Rodrigues Island
  • Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival
  • Save 13%
  • Purchase Includes:
    • Option 1: 3-Course Veg Lunch (11:00-15:30) Includes:
      • Stater: Vegetables Fritters
      • Main: Vegetables Curry served with rice, beans & chutney
      • Dessert: Ice cream
    • Option 2: 3-Course Lunch (11:00-15:30) Includes:
      • Starter: Fish Fritters
      • Main Option: (choose 1)
        • Fricassee Chicken or Beef or Pork served with Rice & Salad
        • Chicken or Octopus or Fish Curry served with Rice & Salad
      • Dessert Option: (choose 1)
        • Banana Pie + Ice Cream
        • Papaya Pie + Ice Cream
    • Drinks Not Included and payable directly at the restaurant
  • Free Secured Parking


Francois Leguat Giant Tortoise & Cave Reserve

Welcome to our reserve, where you can have the unique experience of discovering what Rodrigues was like 300 years ago, before the island was colonised. Since then, all of the native forest of Rodrigues has disappeared and many species of plants and animals have become extinct while many others are still threatened, making Rodrigues one most environmentally devastated ecosystems in the world. This 20-hectare nature reserve, which until recently was almost entirely over-run with introduced plants, is an ongoing conservation project, working on re-wilding the lowland savanah of this area; planting shrubs and trees that once grew here and reintroducing key animal species to recreate the lost links between flora and fauna that make up this unique ecosystem.

As you follow the 2km-long through the reserve, surrounded by the emerging forest and some very rare plants, you will be able to imagine yourself back in time, with the luxuriant greenery a stark contrast to the rest of the island, a reminder of man's destructive impact on his environment. you can stroll amongst giant tortoises, which were once present in large numbers, see the rare Rodrigues fruit bat and take a guided tour of the magnificent caves, unique to this area of the island.
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